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KUA staff, equipment and events
Tree Trimming at Tafunsak
Gerry, Stevik, Gifford
High School students singing for the Ground breaking ceremony
Employees of the month
New Power-Plant unfinished

Visit to Japan
Guests for Ground breaking

Connie, Manager Fred, Gerry
Vice President Yosiwo George and former Gov. Lyndon Jackson

Hairom, Greg, Gifford
Special Guest Contractors and Governor Lyndon Jackson
Harry, Adella, Kun, Juleen, Mary

High School On the Job Training
High in the air

KUA Manager & Board meets with Governor, Legislator and the Mayors.
Lelu Midtown erecting new fibreglass poles
Christmas Caroling

Mary and Joy
Inside the new powerplant

Jimmy, Joy, Juleen
erecting new fibre poles

Robert, Ronny, Sado
The crew with Toshiba contractors

Seymour, Vivian, Sado
After a good days work

Pacific Power Association Conference in Palau 2018

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