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Instructions for buying Cashpower:
Please read the whole instruction steps first.
  1. Use the search field on the right or the bottom to search for customers Meter or Account number.
  2. Use this number when you checkout for correct identification
  3. during checkout 'Shipping' is customers address
  4. "Billing' is your purchaser's address
  5. Then press here when ready
  6. from there you buy the amount you need
  7. it will take you through the process of registering
  8. under MTR/ACC# please insert either the Meter or the Account number
  9. You will receive the confirmation order by email
  10. Press 'Buy Now' to complete the payment process
  11. You will also recieve the confirmation of payment as well
  12. KUA Staff will then Vend the amount bought and call the local customer with their Token Number.
  13. if you need to contact press here

Original script made by Derek Eder - customized by John S.
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